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about-usLike many 14 year olds, Clark Kaeb began mowing lawns in Bloomington/Normal as a summer job. It took only a year for him to know that lawn care was more than just a hobby and a way to keep himself occupied when school wasn’t in session. Continuing in his passion, Clark officially opened the doors of Kaeb Services, LLC, a full service lawn care, landscaping and snow removal company in Bloomington, Illinois.

Today, Kaeb Services, LLC has multiple teams out working and making the Bloomington/Normal community look beautiful. Whether it’s residential or commercial, Kaeb Services, LLC takes pride in their trade. Kaeb Services, LLC has great attention to detail and will do whatever it takes to ensure your lawn and grounds are finished with excellence.

Whether it’s mowing and mulching at your home or seasonal planting at your place of business, the core qualities of the Kaeb Services, LLC team are effort and detail. If we’re planning new landscaping designs, or cleaning up existing growth, our aim is to know exactly what you’re looking for, and to complete the task with efficiency and precision.

Kaeb Services, LLC employs a staff of highly skilled lawn care specialists who take pride in creating beautiful yards and landscaping that are perfect complements to your home or business.

Contact Kaeb Services, LLC today for a complete list of commercial and residential services to bring beauty and order to your outdoor spaces.

Lawn Care &

From yard trimming to garden tilling, Kaeb Services, LLC is your one and only stop for lawn care maintenance in Bloomington, Illinois. Whether it’s home sweet home or your business (your sometimes home away from home) the specialists at Kaeb Services, LLC have the skill and know-how to make your lawn and landscaping look their best.

If you’re in need of a little post-snow maintenance to free your yard of the destruction wrought by cold Central Illinois winters, or your yard needs a little fertilizer to go along with your normal TLC, Kaeb Services, LLC knows just how to tackle each project.

And when spring rolls around, Kaeb Services, LLC can help beautify your landscaping by adding seasonal flowers and plants and finishing up with a fresh layer of mulch. Have a garden that needs some pre-planting attention? We can help prepare that as well with garden tilling services.

The Kaeb Services, LLC team will be your right hand when it comes to not only keeping your outdoor space looking beautiful, but also keeping it maintained. We’ll help the grass grow well by fertilizing and aerating as needed. Trimming is a necessity for shrubs and trees not only to keep them looking nice, but also to keep them healthy. We know just what your lawn and landscaping need to ensure that they are beautiful on the outside and strong on the inside.


Snow Removal

At Kaeb Services, LLC, our work doesn’t stop when the ground is covered in ice and snow. We just change our uniforms, and keep moving. Whether you’re commercial or residential, we can make sure your path is clear with sidewalk, driveway or parking lot snow removal and salt spreading on those icy patches. We know that you know that you aren’t always anticipating the weather; you have other things to be concerned about. So we anticipate it for you. Kaeb Services, LLC can be your peace of mind in the ever-changing winter weather months of Central Illinois.

We’ll be there before you need to leave the house, or before your first employees come sliding into the parking lot, ensuring safety for you, your families and your employees. We keep your sidewalks salted to keep your feet planted. We can’t control the unstable weather that often finds its way to Bloomington/Normal during the long winter months, but we can respond to it, quickly and efficiently. Before the clouds build, the snow hits and everything is coated in a brilliant sheet of ice, call Kaeb Services, LLC for additional details on how our residential and commercial snow removal and salt spreading can benefit your home or office.snow


Landscaping Bloomington IL | Kaeb ServicesSometimes your home or office needs more than just a well mowed and maintained lawn to look its best. Accessorize any building with beautiful landscaping from Kaeb Services, LLC. Kaeb Services, LLC will work with you to create the perfect landscape design using backyard patios, decorative and functional retaining walls, and edging as well as strategic tree, shrub, bush and flower planting to beautify your home and business. And once the design is complete, our skilled lawn care and landscaping specialists will work to install all of the elements, bringing our beautiful collaboration to life.

Kaeb Services, LLC can also work with you to make sure that your landscaping is ready for any weather with seasonal maintenance and preparation. Whether it’s sprucing up for spring and removing the destruction of winter, or protecting your more fragile landscaping elements from Mother Nature’s elements, Kaeb Services, LLC knows just the right steps to take to ensure that your commercial landscaping is always looking and growing its best.

Call Kaeb Services, LLC today for a full list of landscaping services in Bloomington, Illinois and the surrounding areas. Talk with our landscaping experts to find out how we can make the outside of your home or business a sight to behold.

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Thank you for your interest in Kaeb Services, LLC. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your specific landscaping and snow removal needs.

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